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Reduce the time and cost of hiring, while improving the quality of your hires!

To recruit highquality talent today, you are faced with many formidable challenges:

Skill shortages in certain industries and for specific roles
Increased global competition for the same talent
Higher turnover rates (and consequently, low retention) in some industries
Delays in the hiring process
Shrinking budgets and resources for internal HR teams
Volatility in business confidence
Increasing number and complexity of recruiting technologies
Uncertainty around the real worth of the person behind the resume

You may already rely heavily on employee referrals for high quality hires. But what if you could widen that net to the rest of your industry? What if your could 'crowdsource' your recruitment from a community of industry experts in the know’?

Refer Ur Buddy leverages the best source of qualified referrals ­ the industry expert. To give you vetted referrals from the best professionals in the same or similar domains. Experts with visibility of colleagues, direct reports and business associates in their networks that form a qualified candidate pool.

So you can fast track your recruitment process and get the right referrals from domain specialists.

Take advantage of this disruptive, all­new way to recruit. A platform that lets talent get talent!

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