The ‘in-crowdsourcing’ of recruitment

How the Delphi method is set to revolutionize the recruitment industry

  • April 4, 2017
  • Ivan Fernandez

Most professionals who have worked over time in research, forecasting and statistics have, at some point, used the Delphi method.

Developed by RAND Corporation in the 1950s, the method at its very basic level, involves gathering the opinion of experts in a sector to arrive at expert consensus on the direction of that sector.
Why go to experts? Why not just approach anybody active in the sector?

When implemented effectively, the Delphi approach enables faster, more credible and more accurate outcomes than a random and unstructured approach does.

Given the many challenges facing the recruitment industry today, it might be that this method - named after the oracle in ancient Greece who had a track record of getting her predictions right most times - may just be what talent acquisition professionals are looking for.

Skill shortages in certain industries and for specific roles, increased global competition for the same talent, higher turnover rates (and consequently, low retention) in some industries, delays in the hiring process, shrinking budgets and resources for internal HR teams, volatility in business confidence and the increasing number and complexity of recruiting technologies are just some of the major concerns of talent acquisition professionals within companies today.

Relying mainly on conventional recruitment via agencies - especially at a time when your company is trying to position itself for growth in a recovering economy - is fraught with danger.

In a world that is seeing connectivity and convergence disrupt business models and transform industries, there is a significant opportunity to leverage both online and offline networks to ensure that the hiring process delivers the desired outcomes.

Online job boards and company career sites - while effective avenues to finding the best candidates - do not leverage an excellent source of qualified referrals - the industry expert. And that source is what the Delphi method taps into.

Companies already rely heavily on employee referrals for high quality hires. But what if companies could widen that net to the rest of their industry? What if they could get vetted referrals from the best professionals in the same or similar domains?

The ‘uberization’ of recruitment you might say. But this is more than mere crowdsourcing recruitment from a large and unstructured pool. This is the ‘in-crowdsourcing’ of recruitment! The use of a community of industry experts ‘in the know’. Experts with visibility of colleagues, direct reports and business associates in their networks who may just be the candidate pool that the role requires. Wouldn't that help improve the applicant-to-hire conversion rate? Wouldn’t that reduce the time and cost of hiring?

We at TalentEase think so.
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